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Our Philosophy Title
We believe that imagination and drawing play important roles in developing creative ideas for problem solving and innovation. Hence we have incorporated concepts from the best thinkers to create safe places for creative ideas to blossom through exciting art activities.

Is a well established framework that describes how children handle an remember new knowledge effectively.

Using the same established framework of constructivism, Constructive Imagination TM takes learning into a new dimension It uses children’s rich imagination to develop lateral thinking skills. It also gives children the boldness and safety to experiment, generate and create new ideas.

The Squiggle represents the unpredictability and randomness in the environment. The techniques of perception developed by Øistein Kristiansen is a unique methodology to add form to the Squiggle and unleash the imagination to develop creative ideas. These techniques guide students to construct their ideas and transform the Squiggle into meaningful forms through cartoon drawing.

The development of Constructive ImaginationTM in children through the use of the Squiggle is a key skill that they will find useful throughout their adult lives.
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