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Bring Øistein right into your own home with this series of fun-packed DVDs! Get creative with doodling, cartooning and craft activities featuring many of Øistein's favourite animals and characters.

Love to draw, but hate sharpening pencils? Want to practise your creative skills, but hate wasting paper? Go digital! Doodle-link allows you to squiggle and doodle to your heart's content, without the mess.

Imagination-360 is a fun online portal with engaging videos, activities and other multimedia content that will help you develop your creative skills. Learn to squiggle, doodle and cartoon your way into a world where the only limit is your imagination!

The series currently comprises of 3 books; "Go On A Safari", "Animal Friends" and "Fly with Oistein". These books are designed to spark imagination and creativity in primary school students, integrating doodling with art, language environment and social awareness. Highly suitable as Programe for Active Learning (PAL) materials.

We have developed a series of Imagination books and education books for teachers and students. These include the CreARTivity series published by PAP Community Foundation (PCF) using an integrated approach for art, language, numeracy, environment awareness and social awareness.

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