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“Learning is most successful when it involves only a limited amount of stress when students are relaxed and confident and enjoying their learning; but the use of correction encourages exactly the opposite condition.”

– Professor John Truscott,

Institute of Learning Science and Technology,

National Tsing Hua University

Children Love Comics!

A well-written comic will arouse curiosity, promote humor, and allow children to be emotionally connected with the stories. We are pleased to be authors within the highly successful World of Science Comic Series from World Scientific. The series has sold over 100,000 copies. The titles we have authored include:

  1. Adventures with Energy ( published now )

  2. Adventures with Forces ( to be published mid 2024 )

  3. Adventures with Man's Impact on the Environment (to be published end 2024 )


harel_300dpi copy1.png

Ngoi Peck Yong, MEd, BSc

Harel Yee Li Ren, BEng (2024)

Yee Jenn Jong, MSc, MBA

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