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Showcase of Past Events

  • SG50 Doodle

Junior Category 1st Prize

Junior Category 2nd Prize

SG50 Doodle

In 2015, Singapore celebrated her Jubilee year, the 50th year of our independence. 360 Education organised a very successful doodle competition, supported by the SG50 Celebrations Fund. Running for a period of 6 months from Jan 2015, over 10,000 students were trained and more than 1,000 entries by pre-schoolers to teenagers were received. Visit Sg50doodles website to see the showcase of the winning pieces.

  • Doodle Pal

Doodle Pal

Doodle PAL is a project by 360 Education and various Singapore schools to promote international friendship and good social emotion skills through visual arts Every year since 2010, 360 Education has helped schools in Singapore connect with students of similar ages in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Bhutan. Selected students from Singapore will be paired with students in participating schools overseas. The students will make a squiggle each for their overseas doodle PAL and vice-versa for the overseas students. Each student will then draw something from their PAL’s squiggle that is based on the interest of their PAL. 360 Education would then facilitate the exchange of these drawings as a gift. Occasionally, overseas students would visit Singapore to participate in the activities.

  • Training of teachers and art competition in Tianjin

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