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Artylicious Singapore

Experiencing Singapore through Art!


Arty-licious Singapore is a series of art experience workshops for overseas students. These programmes were created by 360 Education with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board for learning during the school holidays. They are popular during school holidays with students from China, Thailand and from the region. Our programmes include:

1. ART Explorer - Outdoor art activities at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore River, and other places of interest suitable for outdoor art, 

2. Doodling and cartooning workshops (typically indoors). 

3. Junior Master Artists series

4. Doodling performances





1.绘画探险家 (2-3 小时)

2.新加坡大涂鸦 (2-3 小时)

3.小小名画家 (3 x 2小时)

4.精巧涂鸦表演 (1-2小时)

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