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Welcome to Big Art! Caricature


This Big Art! Caricature is inspired by the caricature workshops and shows by 360 Education with schools over the past 10 years. Formed as a joint venture between educationists and renowned TV artist Øistein Kristiansen, 360 Education has been working with thousands of students and teachers each year in doodling, caricature and art programmes.

This series is conceptualised during the Covid-19 pandemic to capture the interesting aspects of our teaching and shows in the form of videos and online learning. We are thankful for the support of The RICE Company & team who have made this programme possible with schools during the Circuit Breaker period.

Anyone can draw. You can. The materials here are designed to make caricature easy for everyone.

There are activity sheets to go with each video. There is also a caricature challenge competition at the end of the course, with prizes and online exhibition of the best works. We look forward to your entry!

Draw a better world together.

360 Education Pte Ltd

Activity 1

Watch the video: Big Art! Caricature.


Google search for the caricatures of two of your favourite personalities, e.g. Search “Caricature of Albert Einstein”. Observe how special features of the person and see how the features are exaggerated. Fill up the table below:


Activity 2

Watch the video “Obama Goes Bananas!”. Fruits can inspire us to draw caricatures. Look at the face shapes of your family members, friends or a famous person. Can you find a fruit shape that can be used to draw their faces with?

Follow the examples in the worksheet (click here to download) or try the example as inspired by our artist in the video.

Activity 3

Watch the video “How to Draw Facial Expressions”. Expressions are important. To make your caricatures interesting, you can put expressions on them. Follow the examples in the worksheet or try the examples as inspired by the video.

Activity 4: Big Art! Caricature Challenge

We have exciting prizes to be won. Draw a caricature of a personality on the competition form. Colour it to make your drawing more exciting. Submit all entries to

Slides for ENGAGE 2.0 : These slides were used during Zoom lessons with students on Caricature and are put up here for reference for those who need to reference them or for students who had missed the lessons.

Activity 5: Watch Øistein Kristiansen draw caricature of visitors to a clothing store. Look at people around you. Find someone with interesting face features and draw him or her like how Øistein did. Look for someone with unique face shape, hair, moustache or big nose or ears. Emphasis those unique features. 

Activity 6: Watch Donald Trump's Bad Hair Day video.  Practice drawing Donald Trump as demonstrated by our artist. His thick orange hair is the most unique part about him. You can either draw that part out or even paste some orange strip after drawing the other features of his head. Look at how our artist draw Jason Momoa, Opray Winfrey, Elvis Presley and Kim Jong Un, four other celebrities with unique hairstyles. When you draw personalities with unique hairstyles, remember to emphasise how their hair is like. Try it!

Activity 7: Watch What's So Strange About Dr Strange's Eyes video.  Practice drawing Dr Strange in different expressions by playing with the eyes and other facial features. 


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