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Happenings at The Learning Grid Group

Feb -Jun 2023 

We are pound to be the co-organiser of the Singapore Dreaming Comics Competition for children. Over 800 entries were received.

Nov 2022 

The Learning Grid and 360 Education have 15 programmes approved under NAC-AEP for 2023-2025!

May 2022 

The Learning Grid partners Bookboon to bring e-learning via ebooks and audiobooks to Asia.


Mar 2022 

Big Art! portal is launched with art content and participation from over 30 artists and art groups in Singapore.

Oct 2021 

The Learning Grid leads a consortium of art companies to develop the Big Art! portal with support from The National Arts Council.

Jun 2020 

The Learning Grid and 360 Education developed online art content with support from the National Arts Council Digital Presentation Grant.

Nov 2019
Signed MOU with National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to collaborate in the use of technology for education.


May 2017    

Mr Yee received Service to Education award from MOE for 10-19 years of service.


Apr & Dec 2017    

TLG conducts teachers training and doodling competitions in Myanmar.


Dec 2016    

TLG forms JV to run education programmes in Myanmar. 


Jul 2016    

Right on Top is used in Laos and Thailand.


Feb 2016    

360 Education is an approved provider for STB's Overseas Study Trip (OST) Incentive Scheme.


Dec 2015 & Jan 2016    

TLG conducts teachers training in Bali and Jakarta.


Sep 2015    

Singapore in Doodles 360 concludes a successful competition with over 1,400 entries and an exhibition at the Jurong Regional Library


May 2015    

Right On Top English is piloted in China


Jan 2015    

360 Education launches the Singapore in Doodles challenge, supported by SG50 Celebration Fund. Right On Top piloted in West Kalimantan.


Oct 2014    

360 Education programmes are approved for support by the NAC's AEP for 2015 - 2016.


Sep - Oct 2014    

360 Education conducts teachers training workshops for MOE Pro-FLAiR educators.


Apr 2014    

360 Education is a proud supporter of the Impressions of Happiness exhibition by Bhutanese and Singaporean artists held at The Sculpture Square


Jul - Nov 2013    

Mr Yee Jenn Jong served as Lead Consultant in the development of the ICT Masterplan in education for the government of Bhutan.





Aug 2013    

The Learning Grid completes 8 sets of preschool books for KinderWorld Education Group exclusive use in its international schools worldwide.

May 2013    

Mr Yee Jenn Jong receives the Distinguished Alumnus 2013 award from his alma mater, Temasek Junior College.

Mar-May 2013    

360 Education conducts doodling performances at various public libraries. Since Jan 2013, 360 Education has conducted school assembly shows and performances throughout Singapore to over 10,000 children and visual art classes to over 1,500 students.

Jan 2013    

360 Education now has three programmes approved under the National Arts Council (NAC) Arts Education Programme.


Oct 2012    

360 Education publishes additional visual art books for PAL and other art courses.


September 2012    

Mr Yee Jenn Jong receives MOE Service to Education Award at Temasek Junior College's 35th anniversary dinner


September 2012    

The Learning Grid showcases the Imagination-360 portal at NLB's Game2Read exhibition held on 15 & 16 Sep 2012.

June 2012    

Mr Yee Jenn Jong receives award for Excellence in eLearning from Word Education Congress at LearnTech 2012 in Mumbai for his contributions to the development of the global eLearning industry.


May 2012    

Launch of Imagination-360 website, a project supported by the Media Development Authority.



July 2011 – December 2011    

Mr Yee served as market development consultant to US-based publishing giant Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt.


January 2010    

Pioneer in MOE's Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Visual Art implemention in first phase PAL schools in Singapore.


February 2010    

Developed a series of five CreARTivity preschool books for the PAP Community Foundation (PCF).


September 2009 – September 2010

Member of Singapore Technologies-led consortium to implement Singapore 2010 Odyssey.


August 2009    

Formed 360 Education Pte Ltd to focus on creativity and imagination development in children through visual arts.


July 2009    

360Launched eBooks for preschools, supported under MOE and MCYS Innovation Grant for preschools.


June 2009    

The Learning Grid re-established operations.

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