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Our Beliefs

Our Mission: We bring innovative and engaging learning ideas and people together


The Learning Grid is founded by education entrepreneurs Yee Jenn Jong and Sharon Ngoi, who between them have over 60 years of experience in the education sector. They founded ASKnLearn in 2000, growing it from a 4-man startup into a major e-learning player with 150 employees and clients in 7 Asian countries before leaving the company in 2009.


At The Learning Grid, we believe in the use of innovative methods to make learning fun and engaging. We also believe in forming synergistic partnerships to bring the best in learning to our customers.


The Learning Grid is also active in social projects in the region. Its community programmes include amongst others, English learning for orphans and children in Indonesia; books for community in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan and Indonesia; solar lamps for monasteries and NGOs in Bhutan, teachers training in Bhutan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India, as well as supporting programmes in food rescue for various communities in Singapore.


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