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Assembly Shows

360 Education currently has three visual art assembly shows, all supported by The National Arts Council under the Arts Education Grant for public schools and selected preschools. Each show is between 30 minutes to 120 minutes long and can be customised to themes selected by the schools. 


Our programmes are:


Doodlechamps! – The Magic of Doodling

A splash of paint, messy lines, random shapes – No problem! Be dazed by our artists as they transform squiggles and random shapes made by volunteers into interesting stories.

doodle champs.jpg

Live Caricatures

What can you draw from a fruit? Maybe Jackie Chan, President Obama, or your favourite singer. Watch our artists transform random fruits into famous personalities. Learn how you can draw caricatures with interesting expressions.

Art Styles with Speed Painting

Can you paint fast on a large canvas, within the duration of a song? Our artists certain can! Watch as they make famous artists’ styles come alive with a series of speed painting. Have fun while you paint!

art style.jpg
art style 2.jpg
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