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The Energy Rap

Singer & Song Writer: Ryan Kong

Animators : Farhan & Sevita


Energy. . . All around the World!

Energy. . . Indestructable!

Energy. . . Use renewable!

Energy. . . 

[Verse 1]

Did you know there is energy all around,

From the waters and skies to beneath the ground.

It's in rivers and oceans, tides and the wind.

Deep inside the earth, geothermal energy's within.

Where is the main source, look up above, the sun,

Provides energy for life on the earth,

Through photosynthesis, we get all our food.

Let us harness this energy, for the greater good!

[Verse 2]

You cannot create energy, you cannot destroy it.

It's everywhere you go, no, you cannot avoid it!

In the tiniest atom, locked inside the nucleus.

Don't be surprised to find that the energy's enormous! 

Energy is found in a stretched rubberband,

Electricity powers homes across the land.

Imagine using gravity as potential energy,

Isn't fantastic when potential turns kinetic?

[Verse 3]

Let us all do our part to be carbon-zero,

Better still negative, you can play a key role,

To protect the earth and save our future.

For everything that lives and moves in nature.

Whenever you can, use renewable.

Keep our energy clean and sustainable.

Energy, energy how much we need ya.

For our lives, for our earth, our home forever!

nucleur plant.png

The Energy Rap Music Video



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