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Right On Top Teachers and Students Training, West Kalimantan, July 2017

Right On Top Pilot in Bazhou, China, April 2015

Learning for Young Children


Right On Top Phonics


The “Right On Top Phonics” programme is specially designed for young learners who want to pick up English as a foreign language. It combines well-researched practices that take into account their developmental abilities and interests. We

integrate the best of the proven methodologies into a spiral curriculum where every important language areas are revisited at intervals, at a higher level of sophistication each time.

Right On Top Phonics” is presented in a fun way, linking the interest of young learners and the things they are familiar with. This connection between ideas start from what children know already and then guiding and scaffolding the process for them to actively use English to express themselves.


We want young learners to grasp the principles of the letters and sounds intuitively, followed by plenty of opportunities to revisit these fundamental ideas repeatedly, building cumulatively upon them and making links and connections between them until they have grasped the contents fully.


In this way, the learner’s understanding of the concepts start from what they already know, provide them with guidance to move their thinking forward, revisit the basic ideas repeatedly, and spiral until they internalize the language and build upon for them to attain mastery to use the language effectively.


At the end of the basic level, they would have learnt more than 300 new words and sight words, as well as to make simple conversations. They will also be able to ask simple questions and give appropriate answers.












Right On Top Whole Language


For learners with a basic foundation in the English language, we create an exciting learning environment for them using creativity and the visual arts. They are encouraged to be confident

of themselves as they communicate ideas and work on projects with their peers, always trusting their own imagination and creative ideas. Social and emotional skills are integrated into the curriculum, together with character development and numeracy.

The lessons are fun and exciting, enriched with the use of award-winning television animations and shows. The learners will work on exciting activities individually and as a group. Our education philosophy is to keep children engaged in fun learning activities based on these 5 activity types: “Let’s Sing”, “Let’s Talk”, “Let’s Draw”, “Let’s Do” and “Let’s Read”.


Let’s Read: A selected list of well-loved children’s stories is used with the teachers as appropriate for helping children to learn.


Let’s Talk: These are listening and speaking opportunities for children to learn simple sentences for daily conversations.


Let’s Sing: There is a specially composed “Letter-Song” which helps children remember the sounds of the letters. We also integrate common nursery rhymes and children’s songs into the lesson.


Let’s Draw: The children get to use their imagination and creativity to work on art and craft projects. These activities help to develop the physical abilities of children as they link them to the language activities and lessons.


Let’s Do: These activities help children to link the language experiences with their own understanding of the world around them.








一起朗读”: 教师运用备受欢迎的儿童故事书帮助学生学习。


一起聊”: 通过聆听和开口对话,让孩子掌握日常对话。


一起唱”: “字母发音歌”帮助孩子记住字母对应的发音,常见英文儿童歌谣、儿童歌曲也涵盖在课堂活动中。


一起画”: 孩子可以通过想象力和创造力来进行艺术创作,提高他们的动手能力和协调能力,同时连接到他们的语言能力的发展,帮助他们自然地使用英语。


一起动手”: 这个类别的活动将孩子对周遭事物的理解和自己的语言发展相链接。


Right On Top” is especially suitable in developing countries with keen young learners of the English language. The carefully designed lesson plans and use of engaging multimedia to support in teaching and learning will allow our local teachers to make learning fun for your children.



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