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World of Science Adventures with Energy Book


Reviews by Educator


‘The Adventures with Energy’ is cleverly written using very relatable experiences of three separate families with children studying in the same school. The scientific principles and concepts of energy are clearly explained through their travels or daily encounters, with well-illustrated drawings, including how a nuclear energy plant works and the flow of energy on earth. There are many fun and intriguing facts scattered throughout the stories which even an adult reader will find fascinating. The inclusion of some family pets and how they interact with the human characters with humour in the narratives is also quite enjoyable. The ‘Think like a Scientist’ segments are effective in piquing curiosity, and the final page of concept map rounds up the science comic books very nicely!

A/Prof Lim Tit Meng,

Chief Executive Science Centre Singapore 

Reviews by Parent & Children


Many thanks to the following:

  1. Ruth and Kathy of World Scientific for guiding the whole process and editorial work.

  2. Alan Bay for the comic art!

  3. Wang Zilun, Cassandra Yeo, and Chu Jo Lin, interns from Temasek JC for working on initial drafts of the stories.

  4. Shum Yin Theng, Yap Wynn Ern, Ng Tze Hwee, Sahana Sengupta, and Yvell Quek, interns from St. Nicholas’ Girls School searching for relevant online videos.

  5. Intern Samantha Ong for helping to review and select relevant online videos.

  6. Evan Sng for the art on Power from a Kite on page 73.

  7. Ryan Kong for writing and singing the Energy Rap song.

  8. Farhan and Sevita, interns from Singapore Polytechnic for the animation of the Energy Rap song!

  9. A/Prof Lim Tit Meng (CEO of Singapore Science Centre), Dr. Woo Yen Yen (Founder, Yum Cha Studio and co-creator of Dim Sum Warriors), Dr. Kok Chiang Liang (Program Director/Coordinator of University of Newcastle, Australia & Adjunct Associate Professor of SUSS), Mr Tony Chee (Best Physics), Stanley Han (founder, KooBits) and Mabel Wee (former Principal, Geylang Methodist Primary) for your kind review of the book.

  10. Children who reviewed earlier drafts of the book.

  11. All who have helped in one way or another.



Thank you for "Adventures with Energy"! I’m so heartened to see my eldest enjoying the comics and learning science concepts through a light-hearted manner. I always think big concepts should be explained and presented to kids in a way which they can absorb easily. This book definitely nailed it! Author uses familiar landmarks and locations in Singapore to set the stage for concept explanations. This resonates very well with my son. Whenever he reads something familiar to him, he goes “I know this! I’ve been there!” Read the book and experience it for yourself - learning science can be fun!

Tan Hui Yi, mum of 3

Adventures with Energy

The book is divided into 11 exciting stories. It covers the different forms of energy. It revolves around the lives of three families and the class at Einstein School of Science as they travel around Singapore and the world with their adventures in energy. The chapters are:

  1. An Energetic Airshow

  2. A Potential for Fun

  3. A Day with Professor Plutonium

  4. Mountains of Gravitational Potential Energy

  5. A Blackout!

  6. Stretching Energy

  7. You Light Up My Life!

  8. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  9. Sparking Innovation

  10. Moving with Energy

  11. Our Quest for Energy

The following are relevant learning resources associated with the title. . .

An Energetic Show

A Potential for Fun


A game that makes the concept of energy change more immersive while still explaining how and why these changes occur

A Day with Professor Plutonium

Mountains of Gravitational Potential Energy

A Blackout!

Stretching Energy

You Light Up My Life!


Sparking Innovation

Moving with Energy

Our Quest for Energy

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